How to Create a Google Adsense Site

How to create a google adsense site easily
How To Make A Google Adsense Site illustration image – It is not difficult to learn how to create a Google Adsense site, you can do it with the help of a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, or a free version that utilizes Blogspot.

AdSense is still the most popular method for bloggers to monetize their content. Naturally, because Google AdSense is the most effective advertising network among the numerous others (in my opinion).

It is impossible to create a website with the intention of using it for monetization using AdSense if the website is created in a random manner.

Besides SEO and CTR, revenue is also greatly affected by other factors.

This click-through-rate (CTR) is affected by the placement of advertisements on the pages of a blog or website. If the structure of the website is poor, it stands to reason that the outcomes of the ad clicks you receive will also be poor.

What is Google Adsense?

Everyone may participate in the advertising program known as Google AdSense, which is operated by Google.
Anyone who maintains a website or blog and is interested in becoming a Google AdSense partner can do so.
This reveals that anybody may sign up for this Google AdSense program to put advertisements on the web and make money off of the advertisements that show up.

Nevertheless, not all websites or blogs are eligible to sign up for a Google AdSense account. A blog must fulfill adequate

prerequisites in order to start making money with Google AdSense.

Blogs are required to comply with the Google AdSense Terms of Service, which includes having excellent material, a substantial amount of traffic, and a well-designed layout.

You may get a copy of the Google AdSense Terms of Service right here (click on it). Read through the Google Adsense terms and conditions after selecting Indonesia as your country of interest.

Important Things to Have with Adsense Web

How to create a google adsense site that are developed with the intention of generating revenue via the use of Google Adsense are somewhat distinct from sites that are meant for online use, landing pages, and other types of websites.

When using Google Adsense on the web, the placement of the ad is really important. As a result, during the process of development, careful consideration must be given to how content and adverts will seem to consumers once they have been shown.

At a bare minimum, the Google Adsense website just has to fulfill the following conditions in order to generate a significant amount of revenue:

  1. access
  2. Putting advertisements at key strategic locations
  3. Structure that is Friendly to SEO
  4. Placement of items on the menu and other elements
  5. are straightforward and simple for the audience to grasp
  6. Colors that are both neat and appealing.
  7. The UI and UX are improved to the greatest extent possible.
  8. Zero errors
  9. No mistake in GSC

If your website or blog that uses Google Adsense satisfies the conditions outlined above, then you can be assured that your income from Adsense will improve.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Putting Google AdSense on Your Website

The process of setting up how to create a google adsense site is actually rather simple. Even when compared to setting up an online store or landing page, developing a blog with Adsense can be done in a single day.

This involves the process of installing Adsense as well as configuring it, composing and publishing material to your blog page, and publishing it. You can follow the procedures for the following Adsense web if you are a newbie and are among those of you who are still reading this:

1. Buy a Domain & Hosting

It is my recommendation that you construct an Adsense blog utilizing WordPress. In addition to being simpler to use, the internet also provides a large number of tutorials.

If you use WordPress, then you will need to purchase a domain name and hosting for your site. You may get hosting here that is simple. When you purchase a student plan, you will often receive a free domain name.

Remember to jot down the username and password for the member area page on the hosting service that you are using so that you can access it later. The objective is to ensure that you do not forget when you will access your database at that location.

2. Install the Web

After that, you will configure your website with the usage of Cpanel. If you purchase hosting and a domain from Niagahoster, you will be given access to the cPanel that is linked with the hosting account you purchase from them.

It would be quite helpful if I could download either your website or your blog onto my PC. The following is a generalized description of how the process goes:

  • Sign in to cPanel using your hosting account credentials
  • Then go ahead and choose the softacoustic option
  • Simply log into WordPress
  • You will be led to the website where you can install it
  • Please choose the web address that you will use; the format for the link in the URL should be either https:// or http://; do not use the www prefix
  • Clear out the database on the machine where the installation is taking place
    • You will need to create a username and password in order to log in to your AdSense account on the web
  • the theme that will always be active while you access the site
  • The installation email must then be entered
  • Select the Install option from the menu
  • The procedure of installation has been finished

3. Install the High CTR Theme

Select the web area you want AdSense to focus on. After entering, you will be prompted to enter the username and password that you established before.

Now that you are on the page of the website, you may quickly switch to a different web theme that is superior to the one you are using. The steps necessary to install a theme on an AdSense-powered website are as follows:

  • To change the appearance or presentation, click the button
  • Choose and then click on a design or layout to use
  • To add a new item, use the menu shown in the upper left corner
  • Click the Upload Theme button
  • Pick the topic that you already have
  • To upload, click the button

After you have uploaded the theme for the website, you need to activate it as soon as possible. After that, you will adjust the options for the setup and the display.

4. Add Required Plugins

Including a plugin on your website is a crucial step in the process of developing it for use with Google AdSense. The purpose of this project is to optimize the web in the best possible way.
The following are some of the plugins that I suggest for websites that use Google AdSense:

  • Rank Math Pro
  • Internal link manager (especially news web)
  • Wp-Rocket to help optimize
  • CDN speed (as needed)
  • Easy Table of Contents plugin, and adjust to your needs

This plug-in, which It is up to you to decide whether or not to install it, as its inclusion is not required. You have the option to install it, or not at all.

5. Create Complete Web Pages

Google Adsense is quite observant to view a site page. Is it worthy to be their companion, or is it not worthy?
To increase the likelihood of Google Adsense accepting your blog or website, my recommendation is that you construct a full web page. This will help facilitate the approval process. Before you can sign up for Google Adsense, at the very least the following pages need to be on your website:

  • Home (containing article )
  • Contact
  • About
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy
  • Menu and categories

Make sure there are no blank pages in your document, regardless of how many pages you end up creating. Make sure that everything is loaded with high-quality article material and that it is comprehensive.

6. Post Articles

After you have completed the page, you will need to start writing and posting content on your website page. The amount of material that is now available on a site has a significant impact on how successful Google Adsense online may be.
The more article material you have, the more money you will make from the Adsense advertisements that are shown on your website. Follow these steps whenever you want to post an item on a blog:

  • Please sign in to the wp-admin section of your site
  • After that, select Post from the menu
  • Choose “add new” from the menu

Kindly type in the article’s title, and then proceed to compose the content that will be published on your blog page.
Send in the URL to the article using Google’s Search Console (GSC)

7. Register the Web to Google Adsense

After you have completed creating a substantial number of posts, the next step is to sign up your blog for the Google Adsense program. The instructions on how to construct a website compatible with Google AdSense have reached their conclusion at this point.

If Google has decided to approve your site, all you need to do to increase the amount of money you get from Google Adsense is optimize and update your blog.

Instructions on How to Sign Up Your Website for Google AdSense
It’s possible that learning how to set up a website using Google AdSense won’t be too difficult for you.

You may begin building it now by following the lesson that was just presented to you.
However, you should be aware that registering a site with AdSense is the most challenging aspect of developing a blog monetized by Google Adsense.

Because there are so many individuals who give up, most of them choose to make use of services that are designed to make the process quicker and simpler.

On the other hand, you may also follow the lessons and instructions as follows:

1. Ensure that the website is in a state where it may be registered for Adsense

ou are required to check that your website or blog, which has already been developed, is prepared to be registered with Google Adsense before you can proceed with the registration process. The following qualities and conditions must be met before a website is eligible to register for Google AdSense:

  • Have Web traffic
  • indexed at least 10 indexes
  • Have good backlinks Good
  • website speed, minimum score of 70
  • Web social media accounts are complete

2. Prepare Gmail Email

You are need to have a Gmail account in order to sign up for Google Adsense. Please start by composing an email with all of your personal information included.

3. Start Registering for Google Adsense

Simply register your website with Google Adsense after you have an email address to use for that purpose. You may sign up for a Google AdSense account using either your computer or your mobile phone.
However, as of right present, the process of signing up for Adsense can only be done through a browser and not through the Adsense program itself. The following are the processes involved in establishing a website with Google AdSense:

  • Open the Google Adsense
  • Click the register menu
  • Please complete the registration data
  • After entering your personal data
  • Select and click add site
  • Enter your website URL
  • Click add site

4. Put in the advertisement script

You will be provided with a code for adverts that you are required to insert on the pages of your website. Please copy the code for the Adsense advertisement. Paste it between <head> <head/>.
After that, submit your website for evaluation by Google Adsense. Your website will be evaluated by Google Adsense to determine whether or not it meets the requirements to host advertisements.

5. Hesitate Until It Is Approved

The approval procedure for this Adsense account typically takes around two weeks to complete. It may go by more quickly, or it could go by more slowly.

Your Adsense blog will either be accepted or refused, and the decision will be sent to the email address you provided during the registration process.

Those are some how to create a Google Adsense site I as a writer on this site realize that there are still many shortcomings in my writing, see you in my next article and don’t forget to read my other writings.

Thank you