How to Successfully Increase Adsense Revenue

How to Successfully Increase Adsense Revenue – There are various methods and approaches that can be used to increase the ad revenue generated by Adsense. You need to set priorities to get an increase in ad revenue to successfully increase adsense revenue .

In this day and age of the internet, one must not undervalue the potential revenue from blogging.

According to the findings of an online study carried out by WeAreSocial, more than 100 million individuals in Indonesia have access to the internet. 

Here are the specifics:

As of January last year, there were 175 million people using the internet in Indonesia, which means internet penetration has reached 64 percent of the population. 2019 to 2020.

It should come as no surprise that this is a massive market. Additionally, the expansion of the internet industry in Indonesia might be attributed to the country’s rising population.

The following is a list of strategies and actions that can be used to successfully increase adsense revenue:

1. Niche Content

As bloggers, we are also the authors of the material. Develop material with the goal of attracting viewers.

As a result, the importance of content cannot be overstated; it is the king.

It has the same stale and unappealing appeal as vegetables that have been stripped of their salt. As a result, the main focus is on producing high-quality material.

Why is it referred to as content and not something like text or video? Because there is such a diverse range of stuff to choose from, including not just written posts on blogs but also infographics, photos, videos, and so on.

When we think about generating money on the internet, the first thing we should think about is not how much money can be earned, but rather what is the finest content that can be developed and supplied to readers on the blog. This is the most important thing we should be thinking about.

If your website has valuable material, people will visit it, and eventually you will generate money off of those visits.

Given the significance of the material, the next question is what should be written. Which forms of content do you plan to develop?

You have the option of considering both of these items.

To begin, compose something that you enjoy doing and are skilled at. Begin with the activity that interests you the most and become an expert in it before attempting the other.

When we are engaged in an activity that we enjoy, we will unflinchingly and cheerfully pursue it. Expertise is essential in the digital world of today, which is overrun with material, and it is much simpler to achieve this status if one focuses on the topics in which they have a genuine interest.

The second step is to develop a content specialty, or niche, that goes into more depth on a select group of subjects.

Do not generate material that is a “hodgepodge” since it is more profitable to develop information that is specific to a niche.

The following are some of the benefits of developing content for certain niches:

Focus. You may write blogs that are more consistent if you write niche blogs since they force you to concentrate more on a certain issue rather than expanding to cover a wide range of subjects.

Experts. By maintaining a blog that caters to a certain audience, you may build a reputation for yourself as an authority on a specific subject and attract the attention of a large number of readers.

Improve the click-through rate of ads. Because more people will click on ads that are relevant to the blog’s subject matter, the amount of money you make from advertising will be higher.

Competition. When compared to a more general subject area, the level of competition in a content niche tends to be lower.

2. Develop your search engine optimization strategies

One of the factors that goes into determining the income formula in Google Adsense is the volume of traffic or the number of visits to the blog.

The subject of how to attract more readers to our site therefore becomes quite important. Simply because having amazing content on our blog is pointless if no one ever visits it.

It is necessary for us to have a plan from the very beginning, beginning with the construction of a blog and moving on to considering how people will get familiar with our blog.

There are three possible interpretations to choose from:

Artist. People are already familiar with our work because we are artists or public personalities. There is no longer a requirement to conduct widespread promotion.

Advertisement. Because of our vast resources, we are able to consistently do advertising. Clearly, this will set you back a significant amount of money. Our stamina must be lengthy.

SEO. We are just regular folks, and nobody knows who we are, but we have the power to produce stuff. It is able to promote content through the use of SEO strategies.

Using search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the tactics that I believe to be one of the most efficient and successful.

To appear in the organic results of a Google search, search engine optimization (SEO) is a methodology or method. In most cases, individuals will remark something like “appears on page one of Google.”

Through the use of search engine optimization (SEO), we may drive traffic from search engines to our blogs by appearing on the search pages of Google.

3. Understand Adsense T&Cs

If Google Adsense decides to prohibit the blog, it won’t matter how well the material is constructed or how many people visit the blog—everything will be for naught.
To generate income from blogging, in addition to producing high-quality material, we need to ensure that we are in compliance with the parameters set forth by the advertising platform.
The platform is the one that decides whether or not a piece of content may be monetized. If you are unable to make money off of your material, having excellent content and a large number of visitors is pointless.

– Become knowledgeable about the regulations.

If you want to know what you can and cannot do as a publisher in accordance with Google Adsense’s terms of service, my recommendation is that you read the TOS of Google Adsense as thoroughly as you possibly can.
If you are using YouTube, there is a community guidelines section that explains how to show videos in a way that is compliant with the laws and does not violate any rules.

Here are some essential considerations that require your attention:

It is forbidden to post illegal content. The content encourages activities that are against the law and/or the rules that are currently in effect.
Copyright Infringement. It is against the law to publish content that infringes on intellectual property rights and rights. It is against the rules to steal the work of others or plagiarize their work. This is a significant breach of the terms of service, which may result in the account being closed.

You are not allowed to click on your own advertisements or make incorrect clicks. It is against the rules for you to click on your own advertisements, whether on purpose or by accident.
dishonest material to be found. For instance, creating fraudulent documents, using services that create phony diplomas, test jockeys, hacking, and live streaming videos that contain banned content.

Content that does not adhere to Google’s standards, including but not limited to those relating to drugs, war, sex, and other topics. Even though the content was contributed by users, we need to be aware that we are ultimately responsible for everything that appears in the content.

– Don’t Get Banned

Every publisher’s worst fear is that Adsense will blacklist their advertisements, which would result in a loss of revenue because their advertising will no longer be displayed.

When it comes to advertising, Google’s Adsense platform has many tiers of restrictions.

To begin, advertisements do not show on the website or are subject to restrictions, despite the fact that the Adsense account is still active.

If you have more than one website connected to your Adsense account, then this particular form of restriction will only apply to certain of those websites since they are in violation of the terms; the other websites will not be subject to any ad limitations.

After you have fixed the issue as specified by the violation, please resubmit it. If your application for Adsense is accepted, the advertisement will show again.

The second issue is that the Adsense account has been terminated.
This category is the most severe since Adsense will cancel the account, and all of the websites that are associated with this account will be affected and will no longer be able to accept advertising.

In the event that the account is banned, the publisher is not given the opportunity to appeal; instead, the account is closed. The only way out of this situation is to submit a new application using a different account.

Plagiarism and illegally reproducing the work of others without their consent are two of the most common offenses that can get a user banned from YouTube or result in the removal of advertising. The issue of plagiarism is taken extremely seriously by YouTube.

One of them is YouTube, which offers facilities for parties that have original content to report content thieves to YouTube. If plagiarism has been reported multiple times without heeding, for example by removing plagiarized content, then the account that is committing plagiarism can be banned by YouTube.

On YouTube, this process is referred to as a copyright claim, and it involves the owner of the original video making a claim by reporting content that they believe to be plagiarized.

YouTube will permanently take down any channels that have received three separate copyright allegations against them.

This issue does not discriminate based on the size of the channel’s subscriber base because there was once an event in which a channel with 13 million followers removed from YouTube because numerous users reported the channel for containing plagiarized content.

It is also vital to adhere to the terms of service set out by YouTube, particularly to avoid broadcasting anything that has been copied and to place an emphasis on original content.

Indeed, in this day and age, there are a great number of ‘innovative’ ways to steal the content of others from YouTube without drawing the attention of the website or getting caught by it. On the other hand, we need to be aware that YouTube is continuously working to enhance the capabilities of its monitoring software, which means that content that is currently acceptable may not be acceptable in the future.

– Getting Around the Prohibitions

How should we proceed if our blog is prohibited in the event that it is taken down for whatever reason?

Adsense or YouTube will, in every instance when an account is banned, provide an explanation of the factors that led to the account’s suspension. Investigate the factors thoroughly, and then adjust your course of action accordingly.

Be careful to generate material that is completely unique and avoid plagiarizing the work of others at all costs. One of the primary reasons why accounts are suspended or deleted on YouTube.

4. Optimization of Advertising Units

There is something called an Ad Unit, and its installation is part of the Google Adsense program. On a website or blog, an advertisement will be shown in the form of an ad unit.

One may say that each individual ad spot counts as one ad unit.

The issue is that most bloggers simply install and use one or at the most two ad-units on their websites. One example is that a single blog may have six different ad spots, but the writer may only utilize one ad unit to fill all of those places.

This pattern of behavior is problematic. Because putting only one ad unit across all available ad positions would result in a loss of revenue due to the following reasons: Inability to differentiate between available ad locations and select the one that offers the most potential for revenue generation

Only one format of the ad should be used across all slots. Adsense, on the other hand, offers a diverse range of ad types, each of which may be customized to correspond with the specific position of the ad on the website.

Ad-units should be optimized on Blogger by establishing a unique ad-unit for each ad location. For instance, when advertisements are put in six different areas, bloggers need to produce six different ad-units.

Bloggers have the ability to configure a variety of parameters inside each ad-unit. These features include the type of ad (display, native, etc.), whether the ad should be responsive, and others.

This presents a fantastic chance to do research to determine which ad unit performs the best.

5. Keyword

The vast majority of consumers utilize search engines to discover new material. Traffic derived from search engines accounts for an estimated 70–80 percent of all traffic.

Utilize search engines and do a search using the appropriate keywords.

The following are some of the goals of conducting research on keywords:

Create a piece on a subject for which there is a search. To waste time writing something that people won’t hunt for in search engines is a waste of time.

Determine how much competition there is in search engines. The amount of rivalry that exists amongst sites for the chosen keywords may be gleaned from the phrases themselves.

Search for terms that have the potential to bring in sales. It is pointless to have a large number of visits if those visitors are difficult to convert into sales. It is necessary to select keywords that make it simple to bring in conversions.

If you make money from advertising, such as Google Adsense, you need to pay attention to the cost per click (CPC) of keywords to successfully increase adsense revenue .

The ‘price’ of the advertisements that are posted is the CPC. The greater the score, the better.

Finding keywords with a cost-per-click (CPC) value that is sufficiently high is necessary if you want your advertising revenue to be significant.

Obviously, you need to make sure that the high CPC keywords correspond to certain specialized issues that are relevant to the overall theme of the site.

6. Auto Commercials

if you are one of the many people who just does not have the time or energy to worry about optimizing ads. Google Adsense delivers Auto Ads.

Installing the Adsense function known as “Auto Adverts” would enable bloggers to more easily insert ads in accordance with user activity on their websites. Google’s Auto Ads are powered by artificial intelligence technologies.

Manual advertisements are able to work in tandem with automated ones. When auto advertisements are used, they will search for ad slots that have not been manually filled but still have the potential to earn cash.

7. Analytical tools from Google

The link between Google Analytics and Google Adsense is provided by Google Analytics. There is the potential for a connection between these two aspects.

The advantage is that we will be able to determine which articles generate the most cash from Adsense. Can also determine the kind of content that yields the maximum return on investment.

The information that Google Analytics provides is of the utmost importance. That way, we can determine which themes generate the most cash from advertising.

Because of this information, bloggers are able to direct their attention to the posts that generate the greatest income from advertising. It may also narrow the focus of publications on subjects that generate the least amount of revenue.

8. Clicks on Ads from CTR

Earnings from Google Adsense, of which CTR Ads is one component, are impacted. The click-through rate, or CTR, measures the proportion of advertisements displayed on web pages that are actually clicked on by site users.

Clicks on advertisements are more likely to take place when the click-through rate (CTR) is greater. The greater the number of clicks, the greater the income.

We need to perform regular monitoring of the CTR values. Changes in CTR that are decreasing should raise alarm, and one should seek for explanations and potential remedies to the problem.

CTR is often influenced by the following:

Advertisement spot The CTR for the advertisement that can be seen above the fold is really high.

The significance of advertising. The advertising that are presented alongside the content have an effect on the click-through rate (CTR).

This CTR is connected to the content in some way. Information that is targeted toward a certain niche will be able to bring in greater CTR numbers than content that is more generally applicable.

9. Velocity as well as AMP

Not only is the speed of a site critical for the site’s ranking in Google Search, but it is also extremely significant for the user experience.

Who are the visitors who will like using a website that is difficult to navigate?

According to research that was mentioned by Google, there are two significant conclusions, and they are as follows:

If the site can load in five seconds instead of 19 seconds, there is a potential for a twofold boost in revenue from advertising on mobile devices.

Because the blog now loads in one second rather than five, there has been a 54 percent increase in the number of people visiting individual pages on the site.

The sooner, rather than later, will be better and will result in more profits. This is the conclusion that may be drawn on the significance of page-speed.

You need to pay attention to the ways in which you may increase the pace at which the blog loads. You really need to keep a close eye on how quickly your website loads.

Because pagespeed is so important, there are a number of things that can be done to make it faster, including the following:

Make the switch to the AMP platform, which will significantly cut down the amount of time it takes for the blog to load. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) platform was created by Google in collaboration with a number of other well-known technology businesses.

Check the pagespeed very carefully to see whether or not there are any issues that cause it to load more slowly. This Google Pagespeed tool doesn’t cost anything to use.

Examining the current state of the Vital Core Web in Google Search Console. This indication demonstrates how well the website is doing in the eyes of its visitors.

10. High

CPC CPC may be thought of as the “price” of advertising. When the cost per click (CPC) is higher, there is a greater likelihood that advertising will produce cash.

The subject matter or keyword that appears on the search page is what establishes the level of the CPC. The cost-per-click (CPC) for the term “insurance” is distinct from that of “online loans.”

The cost-per-click (CPC) that you see here is the outcome of bidding done by advertisers that post their advertisements on the Google platform. The CPC can be both high and low depending on the demand.

For this reason, CPC will change in response to shifts in economic and commercial conditions.

As year-end goals in advertising are pursued and yearly advertising budgets are spent, the cost per click (CPC) will experience a significant spike towards the end of the year. In the meanwhile, the cost-per-click (CPC) will drop in the beginning of the year with the actions of advertisers who are just getting started.

How exactly do we determine a keyword’s CPC value?

Due to the high degree of variability, we are unable to provide an accurate CPC estimation for a term. However, using the tools, one can see either the range of possibilities or an estimation of the CPC.

Ahrefs is one of the tools that may be utilized in this process. The CPC estimates that Ahrefs produces are based on the keywords, and bloggers may use these figures to develop content for their websites.

However, the cost of this sort of instrument is rather high, and you will need to spend around Rp 1.5 million each month to use it.

11. Don’t Do It Because of the Money

This phrase is so old-fashioned that it’s almost dull. But if you take my word for it, this is the most important factor in successful blogging.

The process of blogging does not happen instantly. Particularly if your goal is to make money from a blog, you will need to be patient and consistent in your efforts.

We require a compelling justification in order to endure. To be able to create a blog post on a continuous basis requires a motivation that is always blazing bright.

Doing something that we truly like, something that we love, is, in my opinion, one of the most effective approaches.

Not only for the sake of financial gain.

Because if the motive is money, then it won’t generate, and we won’t keep writing blogs if it doesn’t produce.

When we are engaged in an activity that we look forward to, neither fatigue nor boredom can cause us to quit up. We’re going to keep doing it, make money or not.

Therefore, the first step toward achieving success in generating cash from a blog is to write about topics that truly interest us.